Hand Driven Lawn Mowers

The first hand driven lawn mowers were around before the availability of electricity and petrol (never mind the petrol engine). These lawn mowers were powered by hand. In this modern motorised and technical world it is maybe surprising that hand driven mowers still have a place in the market but they obviously have characteristics that continue to make them a viable and attractive item.

Advantages of a hand driven mower

  • They are the quietest type of lawn mower around and so will suit even those with the most sensitive of ears.
  • They have an ‘organic feel’ to them helping to enhance our connection with the environment that we experience when in the garden.
  • They are cheap to run as they have no ongoing fuel costs and there are no maintenance costs such as engine services / new power cables.
  • The quality of the cut that can be achieved is right there at the top if a decent cylinder model is chosen.
  • Suited to small lawns

Disadvantages of the hand driven mower

  • Pushing one around anything other than a small lawn can be hard work.
  • They are not suited to bumpy or sloped lawns where pushing and manouvering them can get extremely difficult.
  • They are not so good at cutting overgrown or damp grass.
  • Initial cost of hand driven models can be more than cheap electric mowers.
Hand Driven Lawn Mowers

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