Red Thread – fungal disease of lawns and grasses

What causes Red Thread Disease? As its name suggests, Red Thread causes red / pinkish threads to appear on the lawn. These threads are caused by a fungus – Laetisaria fuciformis / Corticium fuciforme and they grown on infected blades of grass. The threads can extend to around an inch past the height of the […]

Dollar Spot lawn disease

With the right lawn care program, Dollar Spot should not be a problem. It is more often or not the result of a neglected lawn. Dollar spot is a serious lawn disease as it can affect and kill the whole of the grass plant including the roots. This means that affected areas of the lawn […]

Choosing a Lawn Mower

Choosing the right lawn mower can be the difference between having a visually stunning lawn and a lawn that appears inadequately maintained. What factors do we need to look at when choosing a lawn mower? This article aims to give you the information you need to be able to make a sensible choice. Whilst it […]

Hand Driven Lawn Mowers

The first hand driven lawn mowers were around before the availability of electricity and petrol (never mind the petrol engine). These lawn mowers were powered by hand. In this modern motorised and technical world it is maybe surprising that hand driven mowers still have a place in the market but they obviously have characteristics that […]

Lawn Mower Safety

Lawn mower safety should be on the top of everyones agenda when they are cutting the lawn. In 1990 in America there were over 87,000 people treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries that were sustained from using a lawn mower. Accidents occur when using both hand held and ride on mowers. Lawn mowers can […]

Electric Lawn Mower

In today’s market the electric lawn mower is the most popular type of powered mower. The main driving forces behind the popularity of the electric lawn mower are the fact that they tend to be considerably lighter than petrol mowers and that they are also a good deal cheaper. Advantages of an electric powered lawn […]

Petrol Lawn Mower

Petrol lawn mowers tend to be a good deal heavier then electric models and are also more expensive. Petrol mowers will often need a strong arm to start them as they often use a ‘pull cord’ to get them going. Petrol mowers tend to be more powerful than electric mowers. Advantages of Petrol mowers!1&fsb=1&xpc=jghCb5O9Jj&p=https%3A// […]

Lawn Aerators

If you wish to maintain a healthy lawn over the years you will benefit from using a lawn aerator to help with lawn aeration. Lawn aeration is the process of creating holes (or cores or slits) in the soil the lawn is grown on to reduce soil compaction. It is essential to aerate compacted lawns […]

Moss – lawn weed causes and treatments

Moss is a moisture loving plant and can quickly overtake a lawn and form its own ‘lawn carpet’ which can smother the grass and weaken the lawns vigour. Causes of Moss on lawns Moss is symptomatic of wet, poorly drained soils. Grass can also be quickly invaded by moss where areas of lawn are shaded. […]

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