There are a number of tools that will help you in your lawn care efforts. Some of these lawn care tools are more essential than others but all should make it easier for you to look after your lawn properly. As with any new tools, be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for use to ensure a safe gardening environment. The following is a list of the most common lawn care tools with links to more detailed information.

Lawn Mower
Perhaps the most obvious lawn care tool, the lawn mower is essential in maintaining a well kept lawn. A vast range of lawn mowers are available and the many different types are all suited to different user needs.

Lawn Sprinkler
The lawn sprinkler connects to your hosepipe and should provide your lawn with a well dispersed water supply. In a hot dry summer an efficient lawn sprinkler is a must in preventing withered yellowing grass. A lawn that suffers from moisture shortage in a drought period is more prone to moss and weed infestation once the rains return and moisture is available again in the soil.

Hollow tine (core) Lawn Aerator
The hollow tine lawn aerator (also known as a core lawn aerator) removes small cylinders (cores) of turf. This reduces soil compaction and aids drainage enabling moisture and oxygen to enter the soil and allowing carbon dioxide out of the soil.

Solid Tine Lawn Aerator
The solid tine lawn aerators tend to aerate the turf and soil to a shallower depth and again help oxygen and water to enter the soil. Because of the shallower depth and the fact that no existing soil is removed solid tine aerators are not so effective for highly compacted soils when compared with a hollow tine aerator.

Spring Tine Rake
The lawn care tool that goes hand in hand with the mower is the spring tine rake. This tool is not just for collecting lawn clippings however. It is essential for removing leaves, small branches and other plant matter that falls to the lawn in the winter and summer months. These need to removed for helping prevent the excessive build up of thatch in the lawn,. Preventing the build up of thatch helps the lawn ‘breathe’ properly.

Leaf Blower
These are a relatively new lawn tool for the average gardener but can save a large amount of time.