Electric Lawn Mower

In today’s market the electric lawn mower is the most popular type of powered mower. The main driving forces behind the popularity of the electric lawn mower are the fact that they tend to be considerably lighter than petrol mowers and that they are also a good deal cheaper.

Advantages of an electric powered lawn mower

  • They are relatively light and so are easier to manoeuvre and push. This means that a greater number of people are able to safely use them and that after mowing the operator is less worn out.
  • Electric mowers are considerably quieter than petrol mowers meaning that anyone else enjoying the garden (and your neighbours) will prefer an electric mower.
  • The maintenance costs tend to be less than petrol mowers.

Disadvantages of the electric lawn mower

  • Electric mowers are chained to a mains socket. Make sure your extension cable can reach to the furthest point in your lawn. Extension cables should not exceed about 70m in length.
  • There is a danger of cutting through the cable which could cause electrocution. If using an electric mains powered mower (or strimmer / trimmer) then make sure that the mower is plugged into a circuit breaker.
  • Electric mowers do not tend to be as powerful as their petrol powered equivalents.
Electric Lawn Mower

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