Dandelions – Lawn Weeds

The dandelion can have quite a big impact on a lawn as the spread of their leaves can be quite effective as they form a rosette with their broad shaped leaves that progressively widen and then contract like an elongated arrow head. These leaves will stop sunlight from reaching any grass beneath the leaves. Dandelions are one of the most easy to identify weeds due to their well known yellow flower and the distinctive seed stage.

The common Dandelion is Taraxacum officiale and this is very common on lawns. The Dandelions growth capacity is fuelled by a long tap root that is quite fleshy.

Removing dandelions from the lawn

Dandelions can be removed by hand although if any part of the root is left in the ground then the weed will have a good chance of regrowing. An application of selective weed killer should be enough to remove the problem but a second application after 6 weeks may be necessary.

Dandelions – Lawn Weeds

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