Lawn Care

Topdressing the Lawn: Benefits and How to Apply It

If you’re looking for a way to improve the health and appearance of your lawn, topdressing may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Topdressing involves applying a layer of soil, sand, or compost to the surface of your lawn. This can help improve soil quality, promote healthy grass growth, and reduce the amount of […]

Preparing the soil for a new lawn

The importance of preparing the soil for a new lawn cannot be stressed strongly enough. This process creates the foundation for your new lawn and directly affects its ability to take up nutrients and water. If you put the hard work in now then you shouldn’t have to spend the time and effort later trying […]

Poorly drained lawns – draining a lawn

Some sites aren’t naturally ideal for growing a first class lawn on and sometimes a lawn drainage system is required to enable the lawn to flourish. Poorly drained lawns are more often than not the result of a heavy clay soil and poor drainage can lead to waterlogged turf. A poorly drained lawn will result […]

Lawn Stripes – how to stripe a lawn

Photo © Andrew Abbott (cc-by-sa/2.0) It is the goal of many lawn owners to achieve the classic lawn stripes look. You don’t need years of experience to achieve this. Read on and we will teach you how to achieve beautiful lawn stripes. Lawn mowers that stripe This striped lawn effect although pleasing to the eye is not […]

Tasks to carry out before mowing the lawn

Before mowing the lawn you should carry out some pre-mowing routines. These should be done every time you mow the lawn. First of all you should remove any debris and objects that are on the lawn surface. This can include the removal of twigs, leaves, stones, childrens toys, pet droppings and bones. The reasons for […]

Installing a lawn drainage system

There are 2 key aspects of creating our lawn drainage system, firstly creating a soakaway that will receive the water from the drainage pipes and then laying the drainage pipes underneath the lawn. This system is widely regarded as the best drainage system for a waterlogged lawn that is the result of a heavy clay […]

Feeding the lawn

After all your hard work of preparing the soil, sowing seed or laying turf there are vital lawn maintenance jobs that are necessary to keep your lawn in a healthy attractive state. Feeding the lawn is one of the key lawn care jobs as grass needs a continuing supply of nutrients in the right balances […]

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